Golf Arundel

In 1929, Dr. H.J. Silver and Mr. Chris Golden founded Arundel’s first golf club, called Barkmere Golf Course. Citizens of Barkmere, Arundel and Montreal bought shares. At that time, you had to be a shareholder to play on the course. In 1941, the club was closed and reopened in 1949. In 1954, the clubhouse was built on the site of the current seventh green. The pavilion burned down in the fall of 1963; the following year, on the current site with a panoramic view of the Rivière Rouge, the current pavilion was built. In 1987, the rustic dining room was built to accommodate tournament groups.

Dickie Moore

An example of dedication and determination, Dickie Moore knew he wanted to play in the NHL from the very first days he was in school. But, unlike most young boys raised in Montreal’s rugged Parc Extension neighborhood, young Richard Winston Moore did not dream of wearing the Canadian jersey – his club was Montreal Canadiens.

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